Pneumatic Lifts and Tilts

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  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Scissor Lifts
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  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables
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  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Scissor Lift & Rotate Tables
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Pneumatic Options

Description and Specification

Description and Specification

Oversized Platform - platforms can be increased in width and length up to an additional 24”. Side and end-load capacities are de-rated 2% per inch of increase and oversized models must be lagged to the floor.

Platform with Beveled Edges - welded at 30º angles, beveled edges increase the standard platform by 4” on all sides.

Pit-Mounted Units - for ground-level applications. Requires a platform with beveled edges. Lifting eyes are required for installation.

Lifting Eyes - provided for installation and transportation of unit with a sling or a lifting chain.

Portable Units - wheeled dolly handle and two 5” fixed wheels (specify side or end mounting) added for moving empty lifts. Overall lowered height is not changed when the unit is in an operating position.Only available on AXS, AXSR, and AXST. Oversized platforms available.

V-Grooved Wheels - 5” steel wheels for transportable units only, sold per pair.

Heavy-duty turntables available.

Motion Stabilizer - reduces the bounce found in pneumatic tilt tables.

Transportable Units - 6” steel casters, two fixed and two swivel, and a Presto floor lock mounted underneath the base frame. Adds 9-3/4” to the lowered height of the unit.  Only available on AXS, AXSR, and AXST.Oversized platforms available.

Detent Stops - manual or spring-activated stops for a turntable. Standard stops positioned at 90º increments.

Positioning Lock - pneumatically actuated lock for turntable tops; securely locks the turntable in any position. Must be used in conjunction
with a turret bearing system.

Conveyor Top - mounted to the lift table platform, these 1-9/10” diameter rollers on 3” centers have a 1000 lb capacity per linear foot. Adds 4” to the overall height of the unit.

Optional Top Material - for special handling of loads; v-tops, aluminum material, stainless steel, diamond plate, etc.

Accordion (Bellows) Skirts - designed to cover the scissor leg assembly of the lift table.

Fork Pockets - used for moving scissor lifts between work stations.

Floor Stands - designed to increase the lowered height of tilters.