Cogan Guardrails

Mezzanine Men uses Cogan Guardrails

Protect your employees and your property from collision accidents with Cogan guardrail barriers – the permanent solution to your guardrail needs. Our guardrail barriers are versatile, affordable and extremely durable, delivering around the clock guardrail protection wherever guardrail barriers are required.

Cogan guardrail barriers can be used as machinery guardrail barriers, conveyor guardrail barriers, rack-aisle end guardrail barriers, loading dock guardrail barriers and many other guardrail applications. Our guardrail barriers also work well as mezzanine guardrail, office guardrail, heating and cooling equipment guardrail, and computer control center guardrail.

Cogan guardrail barriers redefine guardrail safety. Our guardrail barriers feature security caps on all guardrail posts, bolted guardrail connections and a durable guardrail barriers redefine guardrail safety, powder-coated safety-yellow guardrail paint finish that increases guardrail visibility and stands up to your traffic.

Our guardrail barriers are simple to assemble, reducing costly guardrail installation charges. Cogan guardrail barriers ensure a safer working environment that protects your people, products and profits – securely and reliably.

Cogan guardrail barriers are available in three different guardrail models – single-rail guardrail, double-rail guardrail and lift-out rail guardrail.

Single-rail guardrail barriers feature a maximum guardrail rail height of 15 inches and a maximum guardrail post height of 17 inches. Single-rail guardrail barriers are ideal when you require heavy-duty guardrail protection close to the ground.

Double-rail guardrail barriers feature a maximum guardrail rail height of 42 inches and a maximum guardrail post height of 44 inches. Double-rail guardrail barriers are your premier choice for serious guardrail protection against in-plant traffic accidents.

Lift-out rail guardrail barriers are available single-rail guardrail and double-rail guardrail post options. Lift-out guardrail rails slip into special “saddles” attached to each guardrail post and can be removed at any time to allow greater plant access. Lift-out rail guardrail barriers are perfect when a non-fixed guardrail system is required.

Install Cogan guardrail barriers to create a protective guardrail shield between your workers and your equipment. Our guardrail barriers are the trouble-free guardrail solution to your peace of mind. Built from the best quality materials, Cogan guardrail barriers are strong and extremely adaptable. When installed according to Cogan specifications, our guardrail barriers are engineered to withstand a 10,000 lb. impact guardrail barriers direct traffic in your warehouse and at 4 m.p.h.

Cogan increase safety, efficiency and productivity.

Mezzanine safety gates prevent workers from accidently falling off a platform edge and provide a safe convenient way to load product.

They can be suited for your specific needs and size with a cost effective, safe and fool-proof solution.

Our teeter style gates are permanently anchored at the ledge of the platform, eliminating swing gates or chains. These safety gate form an enclosed workflow station that offers true safety when loading, off-loading, or working on a pallet in place. They also meet all Ministry of Labour.


Cogan Guard Rails from Mezzanine Men