Bolted Shelving

Bolted Shelving offers strength, flexibility and cost savings.  Shipping upright frames unassembled means more cost saving and assembly of the frames on-site is quick and easy, and offers flexibility in design.

Bolted RackingBolted Racking 8 HRBolted Racking 10 HR

Damaged braces can easily be replaced with new ones making on-site repair simple and damaged front columns can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits & Features of Bolted Shelving

  • Knock-down components reduce freight costs
  • Flexibility in Design
  • Easy to reconfigure or repair
  • Available in painted or galvanized finish

Mezzanine Men also offers Bolted Shelving from quality suppliers like Dexion.

Choose Mezzanine Men to help you create a personalized shelving solution that best suites your needs.