Metalware Interloc No Bolt Shelving

Metalware Highrise Shelving Image 1Metalware is Canada's first shelving manufacturer established in 1950 by brothers Irving and Ben Levitt on St. Antoine Street in downtown Montreal. They recfeived their first patent in 1954, and became the first company to market bolt-less shelving.

Metalware's signature product is the No-Bolt Interlok Shelving system servicing a wide area of sectors such as Commercial (Car Dealers, Hardware), Government (Min. of Revenue, National Defence), Industrial (Aircraft, Automotive, Pulp & Paper) and Offices (Medical, Law).

For over five decades Metalware continues to grow and is home to a forty thousand square foot complex.  Metalware's focus continues to direct its attention to pursuing advancements in the shelving industry.


Metalware Shelving Image 2Shelving Spec Sheet


18 guage, cold-rolled furniture-grade steel. Double formed on all four sides. Corners are closed with double thickness steel forming a no-slip notch for the shelf clip.

Shelf Clip

12-gauge compression type; cadmium plated.

"T" Posts

1 1/2" x 2" x 1/8" double-formed steel in a "T" style with a smooth, unperforated face.

Closed End Panel Assembly

Consists fo two "T" posts welded to a cold-rolled steel side panel to form a single unit providing greater strength and easier handling.

Back Panels

Cold-rolled steel panel that attaches to uprights with cadmium-plated back clips.

Base Plates

Formed on top and bottom to provide support for the bottom shelf in addition to closing the space under the shelf.

Metalware Shelving Image 3Shelf Reinforcements

1" x 12 GA. steel, factory installed in the front and rear flange of the shelf. Provides approximately 200 lbs. of additional shelf capacity.


All components are prepared for painting by being cleaned, iron phosphatized and rinsed. A high-grade alkyd enamel is then electrostatically applied and backed at 325 degrees to provide a hard, long-wearing, furniture-grade finish.

Shelf Capacity

Shelf Width

Shelf Depth

Loading (lbs.)

12", 15", 18", 24" 630
30" 560
12", 15", 16", 18", 24" 480
30", 32"
12", 15", 18" 
24" 30



Capacities based on uniformly distributed loads.

Metalware Shelving Image Small 1Metalware Shelving Image Small 2