New & Used Shelving

Metalsistems Boltless Shelving

Mezzanine Men provides a wide range of New and Used Bolted and Boltless Shelving.

We offer shelving from various suppliers such as Metalsistems, Metalware and Ez-Rect for Boltless Shelving and Dexion for Bolted Shelving.

Features and Benefits:

Bolted Shelving

  • Economical bolted shelving for commercial use
  • Strength and durability for industrial applications
  • Open and closed type complete with dividers and baseplates
  • Vast range of uses ranging from light duty small parts storage to industrial
  • Multi-Tier applications
  • Highly versatile and easy to assemble
  • Range of accessories such as closed back and side panels, tool trays, bins and kick plates

Boltless Shelving

  • Boltless “clip-in” horizontal storage levels
  • Inter-changeable accessories available for total versatility
  • Lightweight system combining strength and flexibility with high load capacity
  • Clip together components for ease and speed of assembly
  • Multi-tier and floor supporting capabilities
  • Excellent price competitiveness for best value

Choose Mezzanine Men to help you create a personalized shelving solution that best suites your needs.

Metalware Shelving