Interroll Carton Flow Racking

Interroll offers first-class products for state-of-the-art unit handling  – globally standardised and highly sophisticated to meet all your requirements. At Interroll, premium-quality products and performance-driven service go hand in hand.

Interroll Carton Flow

Benefits of Interroll Carton Flow

Space and time saving distribution for all kinds of goods with reliable and cost effective tools, that is the key to ”State of the Art” order-picking today. designed to answer these needs Carton Flow Storage systems minimise operator fatigue and maximize efficiency:

  • Walking distances are drastically reduced
  • Picking performance is immediately increased by up to 65%
  • Floor space is saved, as only two aisles are needed, one for picking and one for stock replenishment
  • Automatic and accurate stock rotation and control on a First-In-First-Out basis
  • No energy consumption
  • No maintenance costs
  • Easy handling as the cartons are easily accessible at the front of the rack
  • Standard pallet racking systems can be used for reserve stock.