Roll Formed Redirack

Roll formed selective rack is commonly manufactured in a "teardrop" style as the holes on the column of the upright is shaped like a teardrop.  This style of pallet racking will suit a warehouse that stores a large variety of product sizes.


  • Roll formed racks are less expensive
  • Roll formed rack beams are held in place by mounting clips and can be easily moved as opposed to structural beams which are bolted in place.  Roll formed therefore can be modified for a variety of product sizes.


Redirack offers more unique rack upright styles and more upright sizes and gauges, more beam styles, sizes and gauges and more accessories than any other North American manufacturer. In short, Redirack has the solution to your Roll-Formed racking needs.

Roll Formed Redirack Image 3Roll Formed Redirack Image 1Roll Formed Redirack Image 2